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We Make Borrowing Better.

Raide is a consumer-to-consumer clothing rental app created for college students, by college students. We noticed the need for a better solution for attaining clothes for college events. We all buy items that we use once and then watch them collect dust in our closets. Raide offers users the ability to rent their clothes out to members of their community and borrow from those users’ closets as well. It’s a great way to make recurring revenue on items otherwise just sitting around, as well as support sustainable clothing consumption by fighting budget-based fast fashion alternatives.

At its core, Raide is more than just a clothing rental app; it is a dynamic community-driven platform designed to address the environmental impact of fast fashion while empowering users financially. Much like Airbnb revolutionized the hospitality industry, Raide transforms wardrobes into shared spaces, fostering a communal closet concept within college communities.

Sustainability Meets Style.

According to The Guardian, one in three young women consider a garment worn once or twice to be old. “Without rapid reform, the fashion industry – of which fast fashion is the dominant player – could be responsible for a quarter of the Earth's carbon budget by 2050.

Recognizing the financial constraints faced by college-aged consumers, who often perceive fast fashion as their only affordable option, Raide emerges as a transformative solution. Our product not only combats the issue of "single-use clothing" but also empowers individuals to generate recurring revenue from their existing wardrobe. By facilitating a shared economy model, Raide establishes Tallahassee's inaugural "communal closet," revolutionizing how campus communities access and engage with sustainable fashion alternatives. Our commitment to mitigating the environmental impact of fashion, coupled with our dedication to providing affordable and sustainable choices for our target demographic, underscores the primary purpose behind the creation of Raide.